Darwin at Daytona

OK, I have to admit that I napped a bit through the Daytona 500. My favorite car (the No. 19 because Elliott Sadler has some really fine looking hound dogs!) was hiding in the middle of the pack most of the race. The cats were sleeping because, well, that’s what cats do.

I perked up with about 50 laps to go, when I woke up and found that the No. 19 had made its way to the front, running neck and neck with the feline’s favorite car (the No. 22). I know, I’ve tried to explain to them that CAT is not ‘cat’, but they don’t seem to care. They’re cats. I don’t try to figure them out. I just try not to get scratched too often.

Well, Elliott and the team came out with a 6th place finish, which was good to see because last year was a pretty tough year to be a fan of the No. 19 car. His teammate Kasey got a 7th place finish and since some of the No. 19 guys moved over to the No. 9 this year, I’m pretty happy with that as well. Josh, Elliott’s crew chief from last year, is now over at Red Bull, and their No. 83 car not only made the race, they posted a 12th place finish. (Big howl-out to Tess…)

If someone other than my car had to win, I’m sort of happy that it was Ryan Newman, because Ryan has done a lot for abandoned dogs like me. His crew chief had a pretty tough year as well last year, so that team deserved some good luck.

Speaking of luck, the felines haven’t been very happy since about 10 to go. The No. 22 CAT car was dumped. It was running in the top ten and should have had a really good finish. So in honor of them, I’m instituting Darwin’s Doghouse, a place for the cars and drivers I’m particularly irked with each week. This week, the No. 29 is occupying the place of honor.

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