The Six-Year Downward Caution Trend: In the Nationwide Series, too!

Just out of curiosity, I decided to do a similar analysis on the Nationwide Series caution record as I did on the Cup record.  My intent was that if there was something specific to the Cup series – the new car, the Chase, etc.), it would show up because the Nationwide would follow a different trend.  Not at all!  Remember that I’m plotting number of cautions per 100 miles run.

No too surprisingly, the Nationwide Series has more cautions than the Cup Series; however, the cautions are decreasing much faster in the Nationwide Series than in the Cup Series.

Taking the linear trend to its logical extreme, we can expect the first caution-free season in 2018 for the Cup Series and 2030 for the Nationwide Series!

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  1. LOL, you mean “natural” cautions, right, Diandra? Not the ones that NASCAR throws to close up the field?

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