GearBrain Roundup: Week Ending 10/2/13

Another week?  Already?  Where does the time go?

  • Eric Chemi reviews his great picks for Dover and gives us some data to support the idea that it really is a three-man Chase.
  • @nascarnomics is looking into the NASCAR attendance issue.  The great thing about this blog is that he explains his analysis, instead of just saying “attendance is down”.  This is a great opportunity to learn something about the power of numbers and (for the teachers) using graphs and charts to communicate data.  And face it, “censored regression modeling” sounds like something that ought to be labeled NSFW.
  • @PitRho has their reflection on Dover as well as their predictions for Kansas
  • I chimed in with a little piece about how banking doesn’t actually appear in the equation that dictates turning force, but why it’s important in the , anyway.
  • Not cars, but my friend @asymptotia appears in FailLab Ep 3 where he explains how it’s possible to grab and electric fence.  Great fun.
  • Racecar Engineering is offering a free supplement issue on engines
  • Did you know NASCAR has a whole website for their Green Initiative?  In response to a facebook question, I learned this week that Goodyear recycles all the tires they take back from the track – lots of other info on the site.
  • NASCAR and the Department of Energy signed a Memorandum of Understanding that identifies several “transformative energy technologies that will benefit NASCAR and its fans”, including electric vehicle charging stations, solid-oxide fuel cells, advanced biofuels and emerging natural gas technologies.    Remember that NASCAR is a huge enterprise.  It isn’t just about the cars on track.  There are race shops, offices, haulers, individuals working in NASCAR… energy efficiency in those areas  has more of an impact than if they change the cars on the track.  Little things like getting hauler drivers to shut off their generators makes a huge difference in energy consumption and greenhouse gas generation.
  • If you’re in Vermont, I’ll be giving two talks (October 8 and 9) there and appearing on the Mark Johnson show on WDEV on October 8th with Lt. Gov. Phil Scott – a racecar driver!  More details here.

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