Why was Michigan so hard on Motors?

The Hendrick engine shop had four failures at Michigan.  The 24 and the 14 reportedly both had valve spring failures.  The worst was the 48, whose engine went south while leading with only six laps remaining.  Jimmie Johnson drove the car up to the hauler and walked back to his…

The Trouble with Pit Road Walls

We saw a very scary incident during the Cup race Sunday when Mark Martin was T-boned by the edge of the pit road wall. Luckily, the car hit the wall behind the driver’s seat — otherwise, that could have been very serious.

The ends of walls are probably the biggest safety problem NASCAR has right now. The SAFER barriers have radically improved the ability of drivers to walk away from standard crashes, but there are still some vulnerable areas.

Pocono: Infographics

If you mouse over the triangle in the upper right-hand side of the Pocono Raceway website, you can see the track dimensions.  Those numbers give you a pretty good idea why this track drives crew chiefs crazy. Facts and Figures First – how tight are the turns?  The larger the…

What Does the Trackbar Do?

Thanks to a suggestion by reader Anthony Bardoll, I’m happy to present the first in a series of articles on car adjustments.  Anthony mentioned that a lot of people do iRacing and have the ability to make the same types of adjustments in their cars that non-virtual race engineers can…

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