Toyota’s New Cloaking Device

Did Toyota Really Just Patent a Cloaking Device? The headlines sure suggest they did. Toyota patent reveals ‘Cloaking Device’ for cars Toyota Just Patented a “Cloaking Device”  Other outlets were a little more, ahem, transparent about the story Toyota patents a device that could make car pillars transparent The folks…

The Digital Dashboard

Those of you of a certain age may remember these odd looking flat black vinyl things called ‘records’. Records are analog devices. A groove is cut into the vinyl. A stylus rides along the groove and translates the wiggles in the groove into an electrical signal, which is then transmitted to a speaker, which turns it into a vibration (which, when pleasant, we call “music”.)

Glass Cockpits

When I first saw on twitter that Brian France had said NASCAR was looking at “glass cockpits” for the future, I was a little mystified.  (You can see exactly what he said on @nateryan’s twitter feed.) Everyone knows that there’s no glass on a NASCAR race car.  Lexan, yes, but…

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