Which NASCAR Tracks Are Most Accident Prone?

With Bristol this weekend, thoughts turn naturally to carnage. Short track racing means accidents. Given the greater-than-usual level of aggression among drivers this year, we can expect there to be at least a few collisions.

But does short-track mayhem hold a candle to Daytona and Talladega? Let’s see.

Winning vs. Consistency: The Delicate Balance of the NASCAR Playoffs

The NASCAR playoffs determine the season’s champion. Is the champion the guy who wins the most races? Or the guy who runs up front the most?

There’s no scientific way to answer this question, but there is data. NASCAR has modified their playoffs to try to create a suitable balance between winning and consistency. Have they succeeded?

The NASCAR Playoffs and Preordination

Preordination (n): The action of determining an outcome or course of action in advance; The fact of being determined in advance. The Oxford Living Dictionary You’d think with my interest in data that I’d be the type of person who loved brackets, right? While scientists usually have some idea of how…

Early-Season Predictions Require Caution

Predictions: The Peril of the Early-Season Off-Week I can post only when I have something to contribute. The professionals who cover NASCAR don’t have the luxury of waiting until there’s news. The content monster remains perpetually hungry. That need to fill space is probably why, every year about this time, we see…

Qualifying Lap Times for Daytona XFINITY Race

2018 XFINITY Daytona Qualifying

A fast one-graph summary of data for the XFINITY qualifying stats. Up to 36th position, qualifying times are roughly linear with a slope of 0.056 seconds per position. 1st to 2nd: 0.083 seconds 1st to 5th: 0.298 seconds 1st to 10th: 0.602 seconds 1st to 20th: 1.053 seconds 1st to…

How Well Does Daytona Predict A Driver’s Season?

The Meaning of Daytona Ah… the optimism of a new season. Everyone is unbeaten. Everyone is tied for first place. Everyone has a shot at the championship. Then Speedweeks starts. NASCAR doesn’t ease into the season the way, say, college football does. You get two warm ups — three if…

A History of Toyota Wins: 2008-2017

NASCAR: Did Toyota’s New Car Give them the Advantage in 2017?

Advantage Toyota? NASCAR’s perennial challenge is keeping manufacturers’ cars even so that no one has an unfair advantage. There is no denying that Toyota had a great 2017. Some people would say that’s because Martin Truex, Jr. had a great 2017. Others think their new car gave them an unfair…

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