Secrets of the Gen-6 Car: Superstrength Windshields

A number of drivers have sounded a common refrain: the CoT was engineered to be safe … and that’s why it was… well… sort of ugly and not very racy. The Gen-6 car is a much better looking vehicle and (once the teams get a handle on the engineering) it should also give us a better show. But don’t let its looks fool you: NASCAR did not forgot safety in the Gen-6 car.

Why the Sadler Pocono Crash Should Be the “Worst Ever”. Ever.

UPDATE:  I talked to a number of people this week while trying to resolve this because it was really bugging me not having a consistent answer.  They have some pretty convincing evidence that the angle was indeed significantly shallower than 90 degrees; however, if you run the numbers, I can’t…

An Open Letter to Randy LaJoie: What the Media Hasn’t Said.

It was quite a surprise getting into the car Tuesday and turning the radio to my favorite Sirius NASCAR  show.  A very distraught Randy LaJoie was explaining that NASCAR was about to announce that they had suspended him for testing positive for marijuana.  The details are widely available, so I…

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