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  1. Your site is fantastic. Some I knew, some I didn’t, but this is so much more interesting than “Smoke” vs Johnson!

    I’ve been a race fan since before NASCAR was on TV. And for me it’s always been about the car. I found your stuff, due to your old site.

    Here’s a thought for you, go back and research why NASCAR outlawed the ‘winged’ cars in the late 60’s.

    Dodge Daytona’s and Plymouth Superbirds. Early versions of creative aerodynamics and big engines.


  2. Referring back to Watkins Glen and the invisible oil, why can’t the various liquids in a racecar have colored dyes (bright green, bright red) to make them more visible on the track? Union Oil has had purple oil and various lubricants far as long as I can remember. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  3. Hey everyone, I love the blog really good stuff. If anyone is a resident of Florida and you want a chance to meet NASCAR Legend Bobby Allison then come on out to Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers, FL. July 13th Bobby will sign autographs, take pictures with fans, and be awesome! The Fort Myers Miracle would love to have NASCAR enthusiasts out to the ballpark!

  4. Just read comical article about what a particular crew chief did to increase chances of a win. Question would be, has “any crew chief every got away with anything after a car has been through post race inspection an race declared official ? By the way, the article had to do with drilling tiny holes in bolts that attach spoiler to lid, simply to let air escape, thus reducing pressure. though it was ingenious, got bagged for it but dam, it was very clever. I guess that’s why they get the big $’s.

    • Yep. Four or five in Daytona 2007 – which I know because I was supposed to have started following around one of the crew chiefs who got nabbed at California and ended up having to wait until his suspension was over – in Atlanta…

  5. It’s a terrible tragedy that Stewart has to live with for the rest of his life along with the loss of another
    driver. what’s more so tragic is that the media portrayed Stewart as “present” hothead. Yes, he got nick name “smoke” because there “WAS” a time when he did, in fact, have nasty temper “BUT”, like I mentioned “WAS” a time. We’ve watched him for some time now an anyone who has seen him develop over yrs. can see that when corporate America stepped in and said, “hay tony, we’ve got deep pockets for your sponsorship, ya can’t be representing our product and act the way that u do so”…basiclly…He calmed down pretty quick. No need to mention who his sponsor was then, we all know what he was then an what he is today is, apples an oranges. He like many other drivers have become business people an know what they can an shouldn’t do. another thing is….I know of no driver that would intentional kill another driver, no matter how angry they were. the media after the accident slaughtered him. I heard, QUOTE. TONY STEWART IS KNOWN TO BE A HOT HEAD. Ya, he was an possible is “BUT” TRACK NOW, NOTHING LIKE HIS PAST ! “Sorry”…Media ticks me off big time, especially when they speak about subjects that are only “NEWS EVENTS”, especially when most of them no nothing about the sport.

  6. Hello Diandra, It’s ironic. Owners pay crew chiefs big bucks ta do what ever they have ta do ta make the car finish first. If that includes “bend’n the rules”, I don’t wanna no anything, If you get the car across the line first AND get away with anything ya had ta do ta do it, great, “BUT” if you get
    bagged, I don’t wanna no anything. Not necessarily true, just an opinion.

  7. About how much kinetic energy was in Austins’ car when he hit the fence? I tried looking up the formula, but I’m no math genius. Came up with a huge number that can’t possibly be right.

  8. Liked the blog on hearing. Haven’t been in the pits in a few years, but back in the 80’s they made you run the exhaust outside the garage. Long tubes that connected to the end of the headers. I can attest to the vibrations of sound. The first cars that started up in a garage (Pocono, Watkins Glen) would get a rain of feathers and bird too.

  9. Diandra,
    Have been trying to find any information on air flow over front tires of an open wheel car, but everything has a wing forward of the wheel and does not help me. Saw it somewhere years ago, but don’t remember where (don’t remember much anymore.) Any help would be appreciated. Same email.

  10. Diandra, I really enjoy your,Friday visit with Moody, unfortunately I don’t always catch it. You may have covered this and I missed it. I would really like to know, what technology has trickled down, from NASCAR, innovation, and engineering, to street, cars? I suspect, reliability, and braking, might be big ones?

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