The Science of Speed series was commissioned by the National Science Foundation to show NASCAR fans how much science it takes to win races. The ten short videos cover everything from safety to aerodynamics.

Tire Fall-Off – Could this be the way to ‘fix’ dysfunctional tracks?


What’s a Throttle Body?  – An important change with the introduction of EFI.

Why Radiators are so Important at Plate Tracks – The radiator pressure rules seem to change a lot at plate tracks:  here’s why…

What’s an Engine Map?  – Your guide to what NASCAR engine guys can and can’t change electronically.

Carb vs. EFI 101 – The basics of how electronic fuel injection differs from carburetors.

Why Bump Drafting Seems Harder in 2012  A summary of why bump drafting done incorrectly causes so many problems

How Close is NASCAR EFI to “Real” EFI?  NASCAR’s EFI is and isn’t like the EFI in your car.  This blog summarizes how the systems are similar and different – and how it affects the nature of racing.

What’s a Pop-Off Valve?  One of the easiest last-minute changes for NASCAR to make is the pressure relief valve (a.k.a. the “pop-off valve”).  Here’s everything you need to know about how that affects drivers’ ability to draft.

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