Graph of the Day

Graphs Can Be Misleading

With all the Coronavirus stories in the news right now, you’re seeing a lot of graphs. Although numbers are objective, the way they are presented often isn’t. Tricks like suppressing zeros can make small changes […]

Graph of the Day

Homestead-Miami In Perspective

It’s Tuesday, which means putting last Sunday’s Homestead-Miami race into perspective. So here’s a comparison of that race with its historical antecedents. Yesterday’s Race Report gives more details about individual driver performances. Cautions Sunday’s race, […]

Graph of the Day

Homestead-Miami Race Report

This was the first time in Homestead-Miami Speedway‘s NASCAR career that it wasn’t one of the last races of the season. Here’s the Homestead-Miami Race Report: the race in pictures. Cautions The ubiquitous pop-up thunderstorms […]


Does NASCAR Need Practices?

The COVID crisis has forced us to think outside the box. Three months ago, we wouldn’t have considered midweek races, racing without fans or racing without qualifying or practice. Now, those things are not only […]

Darlington Raceway

Darlington Race Week Breakdown

Here’s a comparison of the data from both Darlington races this week. They weren’t typical Darlington races, but I doubt anyone expected them to be. We were desperate for racing. We were thankful NASCAR delivered […]

Darlington Raceway

Darlington Cautions and Accidents

How did Sunday’s race compare to historical Darlington cautions and accidents? Would the lack of practice and no qualifying mean more accidents or fewer? In this blog, I’ll compare the cautions, accidents and spins in […]

Darlington Raceway

Darlington Lead Changes

Despite all the changes in procedure for racing, I’m back to my regular schedule of post-race analysis. Today we’ll look at Darlington lead changes. No practice or qualifying suggested this race might be different than […]