The Science of Speed

This 12-part-series was produced by Santa Fe Productions for the National Science Foundation.  You can also find the episodes at the NSF site.

Quest for the Cup

I hosted and helped write the episode introducing NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow.

The Motorsports Science Minute

My attempt to learn more about producing videos myself

  • Tire Fall-Off – Could this be the way to ‘fix’ dysfunctional tracks?
  • What’s a Throttle Body?  – An important change with the introduction of EFI.
  • Why Radiators are so Important at Plate Tracks – The radiator pressure rules seem to change a lot at plate tracks:  here’s why…
  • What’s an Engine Map?  – Your guide to what NASCAR engine guys can and can’t change electronically.
  • Carb vs. EFI 101 – The basics of how electronic fuel injection differs from carburetors.
  • Why Bump Drafting Seems Harder in 2012  A summary of why bump drafting done incorrectly causes so many problems
  • How Close is NASCAR EFI to “Real” EFI?  NASCAR’s EFI is and isn’t like the EFI in your car.  This blog summarizes how the systems are similar and different – and how it affects the nature of racing.
  • What’s a Pop-Off Valve?  One of the easiest last-minute changes for NASCAR to make is the pressure relief valve (a.k.a. the “pop-off valve”).  Here’s everything you need to know about how that affects drivers’ ability to draft.

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