2023 Stats Overview: Penalty Numbers

The 2023 Stats Overview: Penalty Numbers summarizes the overall number and types of penalties incurred in NASCAR’s 2023 season. Teams generated a total of 741 total penalties, but not all were accidental. Last year, I […]

A pie chart showing what days NASCAR races were scheduled on in 2023

2023 Stats Overview: Days Raced

The first entry in the 2023 Stats Overview is Days Raced, which surveys the days races started. Note that races delayed a day by weather aren’t included here. Also, I only include points races in this survey. […]

Martinsville Speedway

2023 Fall Martinsville Race Report

The 2023 fall Martinsville race report features an astoundingly high fraction of green-flag passes, a new tire that worked for racing, but not for the pace car and some costly pit-road snafus. […]

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