Chase Elliott

2024 Darlington I Race Report

The 2024 Darlington race report is a great example of how numbers never tell the entire story of a race. We’ve got side-by-side racing but not a lot of official lead changes, and bold moves, some of which worked and some of which didn’t. […]

Timing and Scoring

Photo-Finish Technology

Photo-finish technology has spawned a handful of articles on how NASCAR determined the winner in a 0.001 second margin of victory at Kansas. I thought I understood the technology, but it turns out I hadn’t quite entirely gotten it. […]


2024 Kansas I Race Report

Hello and welcome to the 2024 Kansas I Race Report. Things have been going slowly here at BuildingSpeed because of a total re-org of the data system. That meant I had to re-write a ton of programs. Expect this report to grow as more of the plots get re-written. […]

Next Points Race: Charlotte

Auto Club Speedway of California

Driving Concussed

Driving Concussed This week brings the return of Jeff Gordon to the track, but under conditions I’m sure all of us wish were otherwise. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is out again (and will be next week) […]