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The Best Average Finishing Position by Track Type

We’ve looked in detail at the average finishing positions for the five track types (superspeedway, short tracks, road courses, intermediate tracks and the 2-mile non-superspeedway tracks, which I’ve creatively called ‘other’. Now, let’s put all […]

Road Courses

Which NASCAR Tracks Are Most Accident Prone?

With Bristol this weekend, thoughts turn naturally to carnage. Short track racing means accidents. Given the greater-than-usual level of aggression among drivers this year, we can expect there to be at least a few collisions.

But does short-track mayhem hold a candle to Daytona and Talladega? Let’s see. […]


The Roval is Just a Really Fast Road Course

This weekend marks the very first time NASCAR has run a race on the Charlotte Roval: a combination of the oval track we run in May with select portions of the road course in the infield. It’s a unique situation because, unlike most road courses, this one is contained. Fans will be able to see the entire course. Everyone is looking forward to seeing something new on this one-of-a-kind hybrid track. […]

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