Joey Logano’s Gloves

Joey Logano’s gloves not only got him sent to the back of the field for the Ambetter Health 400 race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, they also earned him a pass-through penalty. And there’s probably more to come. […]


NASCAR Crashes and G-Forces

While NASCAR keeps crash details confidential to protect drivers’ privacy, some drivers share the numbers from their crashes. But a single number doesn’t tell you everything about crash in the same way that finishing position doesn’t tell you the story of a driver’s entire race. […]

Next up: The Clash at the LA Coliseum


2023 Stats Overview: Penalty Numbers

The 2023 Stats Overview: Penalty Numbers summarizes the overall number and types of penalties incurred in NASCAR’s 2023 season. Teams generated a total of 741 total penalties, but not all were accidental. Last year, I […]

A pie chart showing what days NASCAR races were scheduled on in 2023

2023 Stats Overview: Days Raced

The first entry in the 2023 Stats Overview is Days Raced, which surveys the days races started. Note that races delayed a day by weather aren’t included here. Also, I only include points races in this survey. […]