The Science of …Tires (Coming Soon)

Hey y’all from New Orleans. I’m at the American Physical Society meeting, where I gave a talk today to a bunch of physicists about NASCAR. It was part of a great session that included the physics of motorcycles, steroids in baseball and the physics of superheroes. I daresay it was the room with the most intentional laughter. It was a great session and certainly put a little fun in the normally very serious physics conference; however, getting ready for the talk and traveling did put me a little behind on the blog.

Thanks for all the requests–I am working on an entry about the tire controversy and hope to have it posted Tuesday. Since I was on a plane during the race, I have a little background information to check out.

In the meantime, listen for me on ON PIT ROW–The Fastest Two Hours on Radio tomorrow (Tuesday, March 11th) from 5-7 pm EDT–streaming live at I believe I’m going to be on during the first hour of the show. I am working on catching up tonight and hopefully will have something to say about the tire issues.

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