The ABCs of Flying Cars: Aerodynamics, Brad and Carl

I was frantically trying to finish this video blog this morning and still make my plane to Florida, where I’m looking forward to covering the 12 hours of Sebring American Le Mans Series (presented by Patron Tequila) race.  You’ll have to excuse the glitches in the video editing while I am figuring out this new mode of communicating!



  1. I use to read your posts and have your book. Having you explain it, with your excellent but simple drawings and props really makes the information stick. Thank you for doing them!

  2. It appears that Brads’ front brakes are locked up as the car lifts. That is, there is a lot of smoke from the front tires. I wonder if that would have anything to do with the car flying so high. I mean, with the tires skidding instead of rolling, would that make enough drag on that end of the car to enable it to raise easier? Thanks for the video, Dihandra.

  3. Excellent work as usual, keep it up. I understand you were in a hurry but shouldn’t the 140-degree roof flap open first pushing the high-pressure air in front of the flap through a tube causing the 180-degree flap to deploy? And does it matter which opens first?

  4. Thanks a bunch for that explanation.

    That was very interesting and very well explained.

    Also, you did it with a minimum use of silly graphics like the talking heads on the tv.


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