Infographic: Does Kasey Kahne Get in the Chase?

I don’t know if they still make you do flowcharts in programming class, but I was trying to read through the Chase scenarios and I was getting really confused.  So I did this.  I think it’s much clearer now.  To me, at least.

OK – I’ve amused myself with this so much that I’ll put it up in progress.  I think it’s right, but I’ll check tonight.  I bet I can get the other scenarios on here… Watch this space!

9/5/12:  I’m pretty sure what I’ve got to this point is right.  It’s not pretty yet, but this is turning out to be harder than I expected!   If Tony Stewart would just stay in 10th place, all our lives would be much easier.

You will have to click on the image in order to be able to see it…




  1. A very nice, straightforward flowchart. If you are a glutton for punishment, you can throw in the long-shot scenario of where Mark Martin wins at Richmond and puts the 55 in the Owners Points Chase. Right now, the 55 is 17th in owners points, between the 39 and the 9 in points, so with a win, he has remote a chance. Like the 27 and the 99, the 55 would have to win and pass the 24 and 18 in points. In addition, he’d also have to finish ahead of the 9 in points.

  2. I think there’s a flaw in your flow chart with regard to Jeff Gordon. You will never get to the second box referencing him, but I do believe it’s correct, his name should simply not be in the first one.

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