Aerodynamic Forces

Brief Thoughts on the Nationwide Accident at Daytona

We’ve been painting the house. I was straining to hear EPSN’s commentary over the swoosh-swish of the paint roller as the race came to a close – but it was all too easy to hear the change the tone of Allen Bestwick’s voice. We heard it recently from Marty Reid in Vegas. I remember the first-hand feeling sitting about 50 yards from Michael McDowell’s wreck during qualifying at Texas. A track full of race fans – all quiet – is one of the worst sounds in all of sports. […]

Center of Gravity
Biffle, Greg

Secrets of the Gen-6 Car: Superstrength Windshields

A number of drivers have sounded a common refrain: the CoT was engineered to be safe … and that’s why it was… well… sort of ugly and not very racy. The Gen-6 car is a much better looking vehicle and (once the teams get a handle on the engineering) it should also give us a better show. But don’t let its looks fool you: NASCAR did not forgot safety in the Gen-6 car. […]