2022 Texas Graph of the Race

The 2022 Texas Graph of the Race goes to NASCAR allowing me to re-use the new type of caution designation I created for last week’s Bristol race.

I used to stick with NASCAR’s determinations of accidents and spins. But you can’t really call a tire blowing a spin — or an accident.

So meet ‘TI’ the new ‘Tire Incident’ caution type. It’s prominently displayed in this week’s 2022 Texas Graph of the Race.

The lead and caution-o-grams for the 2022 Texas race

There were 16 cautions for 91 laps, or 24.8% of the race.

  • 8 Tire Incidents
  • 4 Spins
  • 2 Stage-End
  • 2 Accidents

In addition, however, there were a number of other incidents that didn’t cause cautions.

  • The #41 had a TI after caution was called for the #20’s tire incident
  • Two mechanical issues: steering for the #45, and a missing fourth gear for the #34
  • Two more spins. I counted Denny’s spin, plus the #2 spun trying to miss the #47 spin
  • One additional accident, which forced the #1 to pit and fix the damage.
  • One loose wheel on the #5, forcing him to re-pit
  • And the fire on the #21 while refueling

There are some major differences between NASCAR and myself about the number of lead changes. I hope to clear those up by tomorrow. Then I’ll explain.

That’s the 2022 Texas Graph of the Race.

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