Joey Logano’s Gloves

Joey Logano’s gloves not only got him sent to the back of the field for the Ambetter Health 400 race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, they also earned him a pass-through penalty. And there’s probably more to come.

Why such a stiff penalty for a pair of gloves? A lot of fans were upset at what they perceived to be a really picky ruling. But it’s not. There’s a legit reason to disallow gloves like that for performance reasons.

It all comes down to aerodynamics at drag-limited tracks. Dr. Diandra explains in the video below.

A Closer Look

Here’s a still from the Fox Sports video that shows the gloves in a little more detail. Mike Joy noted that they look more like a catcher’s mitt than racing gloves. But that’s what science tells you is the best for superspeedway racing.

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