F1 Drivers to Have Biometric Monitoring Gloves

The FIA has developed a flexible sensor that can be stitched onto a driving glove and used to monitor vital signs during a race. FIA Deputy Medical Delegate Dr. Ian Roberts and F1 Medical Car Driver Alan van der Merwe developed the sensors because current monitoring technology is big and…

Are Smaller Drivers Better?

It’s always a strange feeling when you meet people you’ve seen on television or heard on the radio. You develop a picture of them in your mind and then you meet them and they’re not at all like you expected. Sometimes you expect them to be jerks and they surprise you and are absolutely lovely people. When I met Jeff Gordon the first time, the surprise was that he’s not much taller than I am.

The Science of Speed: Week Ending 11/14/13

Hard to believe it’s winter, but we got our first snow already. Here’s the news of the week. It’s holiday shopping time – great idea for your gearhead: magazine subscriptions. Racecar Enginering has some special rates A two-year digital subscription to Circle Track for under $15 Despite hoping for a…

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