Coming Soon: The Building Speed Podcast: The Science of Fast

Soon, everyone will be talking about NASCAR’s NextGen racecar. But if you want to understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’, we’ve got the podcast for you.

From a single-lug wheel to composite bodies, we’ll explain everything from the basics of materials science to systems engineering. We’ll also look at what’s at stake for NASCAR with the new vehicle.

We’re not sure when we’ll rollout the first episodes, but we’ve started production. We’re talking to a lot of people: some names you know and some you don’t — but should. From the people who put the cars together to the folks who have to dispose of the wreckage, this will be a unique look at the behind-the-scenes science and engineering of racecars.

Your Hosts

Podcast host Diandra at Daytona

DIANDRA LESLIE-PELECKY, Ph.D. is a former nanomedicine researcher, the author of The Physics of NASCAR and a nationally recognized science communicator. She’s a regular guest on Dave Moody’s SIRIUSXM where she examines the science of current events in NASCAR.

Diandra has appeared on television segments for ESPN. She wrote and hosted the Science of Speed web series produced by the National Science Foundation. She also appeared on and wrote material for the NASCAR’s NEW CAR episode of QUEST FOR THE CUP.

Twitter: @drdiandra Website:

Podcast co-host Josh Browne, on the pit box for Elliott Sadler

JOSH BROWNE, Ph.D. has 15 years experience as NASCAR Race Engineer and Crew Chief. Josh’s motorsports engineering background is in vehicle dynamics, multi-body simulation, and data analytics. Josh worked with drivers including Rusty Wallace, Bill Elliott, Kasey Kahne, Elliott Sadler, and Brian Vickers.

After leaving NASCAR, Josh earned an engineering PhD at Columbia University. He is a founder and principal of Rho AI, a data science company. Rho AI has developed an predictive analytics tool using artificial intelligence for strategy decision. Josh is now back in NASCAR helping GM Cup teams use the tool during races.