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Average Driver Finishes at Richmond

The average finish for the last five races run (both spring and fall). Note that only drivers running at least 5 races are eligible and only drivers with an average finish of less than 20 earn a spot on the graph.

Average finishes over the last five races for the 2021 Richmond Fall Preview

If you look across a driver’s entire career, Kyle Busch has the best average finish. However, Martin Truex, Jr.’s finishes improved significantly once he had access to Joe Gibbs Racing equipment. MTJ’s career average finish is 16.9 — thirteenth highest among active drivers.

Lead Changes

Lately, Richmond has given us a lot of green-flag lead changes.



Accidents and Spins



A vertical column chart showing accidents and spins at Richmond International Raceway, plus a boxplot showing only accidents.
The red number of the right shows the number of accidents from the last Fall race at Richmond. The green number is the stat from two races ago.

The fall Richmond race use to claim a lot of cars, but not so much in the last half-dozen years. We even had two years (2014 and 2020) with no accidents OR spins. In fact, the 2020 race had three cautions: a competition caution and the two stage-end cautions.

Margins of Victory




Cautions have really fallen over the years.



Yeah, I know this is a little loud. I need to change the colors!

Lead Lap Finishes

You can often see long-term changes in things like how many drivers finish the race on the lead lap.


Driver Career Finishes by Race

The graphs showing driver career finishes at Richmond are also coded by owner. Hatching indicates that the team no longer exists. Note that 2021-03 means the third race in the 2021 season. You can look up more about each race at

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