Las Vegas: Completion and Lead Lap Finishes

Some tracks eat cars. A small percentage of the cars that start actually finish the race. At other track, lots of cars complete the race, but few on the lead lap. Where does Las Vegas fall?

Here’s a column chart with the percent of cars completing the race as dark blue bars. In front of them, the lighter blue bars represent the percentage of cars that not only finish, but finish on the lead lap.

A spaced column graph that shows both the percentage of cars finishing the race and the percentage finishing on the last lap.

You can compare this chart with a similar chart for Daytona.


  • The smallest percentage of cars to complete the race was 76.7% in 2004. Four engines expired in that race, which is unusual and no doubt contributed to the small number
  • The largest percentage of cars to complete the race on the lead lap was 97.7%, in 2000, 2013 and 2014. That corresponded to one car not making it through the entire race.
  • The average since 2000 is 88% of the cars finishing the race.

On the Lead Lap

Although most of the field finishes the race, the same can’t be said for finishing on the lead lap.

  • The smallest number of cars finishing on the lead lap was about 25%, in 2003 (11 cars out of 43) and 2018 (9 cars out of 37)
  • The largest number of cars on the lead lap at the end of the race was 70%, back in 2006
  • The average percentage of cars ending the race on the lead lap is 44%

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