The Science of Speed Premiere

The Science of Speed video series is now up at We did a press conference at Texas Motor Speedway Friday April 3rd afternoon announcing the series. If you told me three years ago I’d be sitting at a racetrack in-between a real racecar driver and an official from the National Science Foundation, I would have told you that you were nuts.


We got great coverage from and even a podcast that Marc at Full Throttle was kind enough to post!


  1. Hey, Diandra! Cool stuff!! Still working my way through the videos, and so far I like what I see.

  2. hey dr d! great videos and what a terrific idea — using nascar to make physics “come to life” for students. this just might put an end to the whine “but when will i ever use this in ‘real life’?” can you see which segments are viewed most often? i’m betting “car safety” is at the top but i like “tires and pressure” personally: i never really considered the effect of build on the tires during the race. it’s tidbits of knowledge such as that one which made me bookmark science360!

    and i have to say that even tho’ the 00 wreck was a year ago and i know he’s just fine and all, i STILL hold my breath when i watch it. i intensely dislike the cot in it’s current generation and hope nascar works on it — or let the teams work on it! — to improve the racing. but from a safety perspective, it proved itself that afternoon.

    again, great job and thanks for letting us know about the site — and the free downloads!

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