Infographic: Bristol: Old, New and Newer

In response to requests about how the ‘new new Bristol’ compares with the ‘new Bristol’ and the ‘old Bristol’, here’s a comparison.  For more on the changes, see my earlier post.  The light blue triangle shows the constant 36-degree banking of the ‘old Bristol’.  The black line shows the progressive banking (24-30 degrees) that was introduced in 2007 and the red line shows how (I think) they are modifying the highest groove only.  Note that there seems to be some disagreement about the actual banking values.  I’m using the values the track uses.


  1. One note about the OLD BRISTOL…I was told by Jeff Byrd in an interview before an ASA Late Model Race at Bristol that when they went to repave the track they discovered that the “Old” banking was only 30 degrees not the 36 degrees they had been bragging about for years. This was discovered by the engineers that surveyed and mapped the track prior to the reconstruction.

  2. Dennis: Yes – there have also been comments that the banking in the lower groove of the post-2007 track is 26 degrees and not 24 degrees. How about you and I go measure it and settle this once and for all? This is something that ought to be pretty easy to determine, so I don’t understand why there is so much confusion about it!

  3. Haha – that’s classic. I’m in favor of this fact-finding trip as well. I remember reading that Ryan Newman & his crew measured the old banking and found that it wasn’t the advertised 36 degrees, that it was closer to 26 degrees (noted on Bristol’s wikipedia page).

    That said – I’m all for that trip. What other tracks do we need to verify the banking at? I’d suggest Dover, Darlington, Iowa, and for good measure, how about Charlotte, during all-star week?

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