Race Reports

Talladega Race Report

A battle on the last lap always makes a race better. And we didn’t lose anything having had to skip qualifying. So how did our drivers do? Here’s the Talladega Race Report. Cautions The Caution-O-Gram […]

Graph of the Day

Graphs Can Be Misleading

With all the Coronavirus stories in the news right now, you’re seeing a lot of graphs. Although numbers are objective, the way they are presented often isn’t. Tricks like suppressing zeros can make small changes […]

Graph of the Day

2020 Homestead-Miami In Perspective

It’s Tuesday, which means putting the 2020 Homestead-Miami race into perspective. So here’s a comparison of that race with its historical antecedents. Yesterday’s Race Report gives more details about individual driver performances. Cautions Sunday’s race, […]

Graph of the Day

Homestead-Miami Race Report

This was the first time in Homestead-Miami Speedway‘s NASCAR career that it wasn’t one of the last races of the season. Here’s the Homestead-Miami Race Report: the race in pictures. Cautions The ubiquitous pop-up thunderstorms […]