Loudon Lead Changes

In reviewing the stats from Sunday’s race, the things that stood out to me all had to do with lead changes. Here’s the New Hampshire Motor Speedway race report.

The Lead-O-Gram for the 2020 August race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway


The lead-o-gram show the dominance of the 2 and the 11 throughout the race. Keselowski is in blue and Hamlin in FedEx purple. Keselowski was good early and late, with a couple other drivers making short appearances in the lead throughout.

Although there were 22 lead changes, 13 of those lead changes were Hamlin-Keselowski or Keselowski-Hamlin.

It was also interesting in that the majority of the passes happened in the first two stages. Keselowski led the last 81 laps.

You’ll also notice that, although Almirola again drew a starting position on the front row, it didn’t really help in the long run.

Lotta Lead Changes for Loudon

If we look at the lead changes compare to other ‘spring’ races at New Hampshire, you’ll see that the 22 lead changes is second only to 2002’s 23 lead changes.

There were 15 lead changes under green (5 of which happened on restarts), and seven yellow-flag lead changes.

A column chart of lead changes at New Hampshire for the first race of each season. Broken down into lead changes under green, yellow and during restarts

The mean number of green-flag lead changes at NHMS is 6.7, so we were well above that with 10.

The mean number of restart lead changes is 2.2. Again, well above that

There were a lot of comments at the start of the race with how good the racing was with all the lead changes. People were fighting for position without being stupid. I wonder what people thought about the third stage…

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