Ballast: Tungsten vs. Lead

NASCAR penalized a couple of teams recently for dropping tungsten ballast on the racetrack. Let’s revisit why those chunks of tungsten are there in the first place. Ballast is weight added to a racecar to […]

Darlington Raceway

Darlington Race Week Breakdown

Here’s a comparison of the data from both Darlington races this week. They weren’t typical Darlington races, but I doubt anyone expected them to be. We were desperate for racing. We were thankful NASCAR delivered […]

Darlington Raceway

Darlington Cautions and Accidents

How did Sunday’s race compare to historical Darlington cautions and accidents? Would the lack of practice and no qualifying mean more accidents or fewer? In this blog, I’ll compare the cautions, accidents and spins in […]

Darlington Raceway

Darlington Lead Changes

Despite all the changes in procedure for racing, I’m back to my regular schedule of post-race analysis. Today we’ll look at Darlington lead changes. No practice or qualifying suggested this race might be different than […]

Darlington Raceway

Garage Strategy at Darlington

Different teams — and manufacturers — will use different garage strategies for Darlington in terms of who they’re bringing to take care of the car. Yesterday, I looked at who’s not coming to this Sunday’s […]

Graph of the Day

Phoenix Qualifying Report

Phoenix qualifying gave us our first look at the new short-track package instituted to address shortcomings in 2019 racing in a competitive setting. What does qualifying tell us about the field? The Pole Time 38 […]