Race Reports

Dover Race Report

Last weekend at Dover provides a great example of how two races at the same track and within twenty-four hours of each other, can turn out very different. Dover Lead-O-Gram I like the Lead-O-Gram because […]

Race Reports

Loudon Lead Changes

In reviewing the stats from Sunday’s race, the things that stood out to me all had to do with lead changes. Here’s the New Hampshire Motor Speedway race report. Lead-O-Gram The lead-o-gram show the dominance […]

Race Reports

Texas Race Report

A close finish, an underdog winner and tempers that matched the temperature. Here’s your Texas Race Report. I know it’s technically not spring, but it’s the first Texas race of the year. Since most of […]

Race Reports

Talladega Race Report

A battle on the last lap always makes a race better. And we didn’t lose anything having had to skip qualifying. So how did our drivers do? Here’s the Talladega Race Report. Cautions The Caution-O-Gram […]

Graph of the Day

2020 Homestead-Miami In Perspective

It’s Tuesday, which means putting the 2020 Homestead-Miami race into perspective. So here’s a comparison of that race with its historical antecedents. Yesterday’s Race Report gives more details about individual driver performances. Cautions Sunday’s race, […]