Atlanta Motor Speedway

2023 Summer Atlanta Race Report

The 2023 Summer Atlanta Race Report is all wet. After being called for rain after 185 of 260 scheduled laps, pundits hailed the aggressive racing as a sign that Atlanta has become perhaps the best track on the circuit. […]


Racing in the Rain

The NASCAR XFINITY race at Charlotte Motor Speedway — aka the Roval in the Rain — prompted some fans to suggest NASCAR ought to be able to race anywhere in the rain. But ‘can’ and […]


The NASCAR Vortex Theory

The NASCAR Vortex Theory says that cars racing around an oval track create a rotational disturbance that repels oncoming storms. Truth? Or Myth? What’s a Vortex? A vortex is a region in a fluid (and […]

Centripetal Force

Racing without Friction

Daytona is an enormous, sweeping track. Two-and-a-half miles, 31-degree banking and corner radii of a thousand feet. The infield by itself is 180 acres. If you’ve ever been there (or Talladega), it really does take your breath […]