Does NASCAR Need Qualifying?

I’ve made the argument that NASCAR needs at least a little practice. But what about qualifying? Does it have a place in post-pandemic NASCAR? The Problem Racing with the coronavirus forced NASCAR to cancel everything […]

Graph of the Day

What To Expect from Indy

Each track has its own characteristics. What can we expect this weekend for the Cup Race at Indy? More Damage Than We’ve Seen The thing that stood out to me on the first pass through […]


Ballast: Tungsten vs. Lead

NASCAR penalized a couple of teams recently for dropping tungsten ballast on the racetrack. Let’s revisit why those chunks of tungsten are there in the first place. Ballast is weight added to a racecar to […]


Does NASCAR Need Practices?

The COVID crisis has forced us to think outside the box. Three months ago, we wouldn’t have considered midweek races, racing without fans or racing without qualifying or practice. Now, those things are not only […]


Racing Against Coronavirus

The global coronavirus pandemic shut NASCAR down for two months. The racing at Darlington Raceway on May 17 won’t look like anything we’ve ever seen before. But will those precautions keep drivers, crews, and media […]